Rescue Savannah

Disaster and Emergency Response Platform

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Communicating and addressing emergencies

Using off-the-shelf hardware and cloud based services, we can turn natural disasters recovery into hours instead of days

What We Do

Community Engagement

The community knows what's up, mostly, learn to rely on trusted sources

Aerial Assessment

Sending drones to assess damage? Absolutely.


You thought the cell service was down? Think again!

Cloud Based

Being hosted in the cloud, the hurricane ain't gonna take us down.

Why We're Building The Platform

Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Irma had a brief visit to Savannah and surrounding areas. Unfortunately, there was what seemed like a lot of mis-information and a lack of communication. By providing a central place to coordinate up to date information along with a fast response team with the RIGHT equipment, we think we can make a real difference when the time arises. We're also hoping other cities could use what we build to protect and communicate with their citizens.