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*NEW* Korean manufactured 30rd steel magazine for AK-47s, bolt hold open feature, 7.62x39mm.

These *BRAND NEW* magazines are an amazing find! Feed your rifle right with one of these *NEW* made Korean steel magazines. These are all steel with steel followers. These magazines are identical in design and manufacture to the Yugo AK-47 magazines. There are no markings on these magazines.

We have tested these magazines in several popular AK-47 type rifles, and even though tolerances vary from rifle to rifle, they seem to fit in a wide variety of the standard AK double stack rifles. Romanian AK-47's give a little bit of trouble, but with some work on the back feed lip, it'll fit properly.

We've tested in:
- RAS 47
- SGL 21
- WASR 10
- LAR 47
- AK-63ds
- SAM7
- SLR95
- East German Mpi-KM
- Armory USA AKs


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